A ‘Knowledge Centre’ for the cut flower and foliage industry

Current Overview

To remain viable on the world stage and continue to grow into the future, the Australian cut flower and foliage industry need quick access to comprehensive, relaible and high quality information.  Over the years, industry bodies and other stake holders have developed numberous project results, industry reports, extension materials and other successful information products.  The industry needs to be able to take advantage of all of these achievements and to access this store of collective knowledge and information in an efficient way.

This project is proposed to address the industry needs through the development of a high quality, internet based ‘knowledge centre’.  This resource will bring together practical and technical information, collective research and development knowledge.  It will also contain links to other relevant agencies into a one-stop information shop for the cut flower and foliage industry, which will be aligned to the needs of all members of the industry along the supply chain, from growers through to whoesalers, allied industries and retailers.  In addition to providing much needed information for the national industry, the new resource will also represent the Flower Association of Queensland (FAQI) as its official updated website.

Project Activities

Project Officer:  Janelle Dahler janelle@flowersqueensland.asn.au