Statistics on Australian cut flower and foliage production, exports and imports

Current Overview

Growers and others in the cut flower and foliage industry have been commenting in recent years about the amount of imported product coming into Australia. Many have raised concerns about how these imports could be affecting domestic production and the profitability of local businesses. It is a complex issue which opens up a number of areas for discussion, including product quality and safety, supply throughout the year, biosecurity, marketing and consumer education.

A project is underway by the FAQI to investigate the issues and experiences of our industry in relation to the import and domestic production sectors. In addition to talking to the industry, the team is looking at available data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other sources to understand the current situation based on reliable, independent information.

When all the information is collected and analysed, the results will be shared with the industry. From there, all the sectors can work together on a plan to support the long-term sustainability of their businesses and ensure the supply of reliable, high-quality products to satisfy the discerning modern flower consumer.