Industry Biosecurity Plan (IBP) – Industry’s opportunity to comment on draft biosecurity plan

Previous newsletter communications have notified members and interested parties of the Industry Biosecurity Plan (IBP) that is currently being developed by Plant Health Australia for the national cut flower and foliage industry.

PHA has asked that members of the cut flower & foliage industry review the ratings presented in the draft Threat Summary Tables of the Biosecurity Plan and rate the economic impact of each of the identified pests and diseases.

Ten plants have been studied in this document and the exotic pests described therein have been identified as not currently occuring in Australia. The question to now be addressed is: what would be the economic impact if they did find a pathway into the country?

The ultimate goal of the Threat Summary Tables is to outline the potential risk of entry into Australia of new pests or diseases that could be detrimental to key crops in our industry, and the potential impact on quality and/or production volumes if they were introduced.   This information will be invaluable for the development of future strategies to help protect the long-term health of our industry.

Once the ratings are determined it will be very clear where industry will need to focus their efforts – on their highest priority pests. The industry will then develop an implementation plan in relation to their high priority pests. The implementation plan will set out the key activities that will improve the industry’s preparedness and response capability.

It is important that industry has a voice and provides feedback to the final IBP document. A teleconference with Plant Health Australia has been scheduled for next Tuesday 11th August 2015, 9am – 1pm to collectively review the ratings and rate the economic impact of each of the identified pests. If you would like a copy of the Draft Threat Summary Tables document sent to you and would like to join the discussions on Tuesday in  relation to this draft document, please contact