Horticulture Award Survey and Review

The review of the Horticulture Modern Award is scheduled to be heard at the Fair Trade Commission between 14-24 March. A number of unions have submitted various claims for consideration as part of the review which are fairly comprehensive and are supported by evidence from workers to support these claims.

The union claims are:
· 4 hour minimum engagement of casuals (at present there is no minimum period for engagement of casuals);
· Conversion of casual employees to full time or part time after 6 or 12 months employment;
· 4 hour minimum engagement of part time employees (at present there is no minimum engagement for part time employees);
· Overtime rates and penalties for casual employees on the same terms as full time employees;
· A requirement that when employing casuals they are to be advised of a number of matters including likely hours; and
· Require additional hours to be granted to existing casuals and part time employees before employing more casual and part time employees.

Prior to the hearing we (FAQI and the survey developers The Voice of Horticulture) are seeking to capture evidence from growers as to the potential impact of proposed changes; have these results analysed; get a report on findings from a leading academic and brief legal counsel to make representation on behalf of employers.

This survey will take ten to twenty minutes and is a key in gathering evidence.

Growers are requested to complete the survey within the next 24 hours if possible (apologies for the short timeframe).

Here is the link to the award and information on the Fair Work Commission website https://www.fwc.gov.au/awards-and-agreements/modern-award-reviews/4-yearly-review/award-stage/award-review-documents/MA000028?m=AM2014/231