Chemical permit status report

The industry has received the latest Permit Status Report (as of January 11, 2016) regarding pesticide minor-use permits for the cut flower industry.
The report contains a list of all current permits specifically for use on cut flowers as well as information on their expiration date and the current permit holder (Table 1). The information has been sent to the industry associations who are the nominated representatives of the industry (WildFlowers Australia, Flowers Victoria and the Flower Association of Queensland Inc.) with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).
Table 2 outlines permit applications that have recently been submitted to APVMA for assessment that are of relevance to the cut flower industry.
The report is designed to assist the industry to manage the permit process and ensure the necessary processes are undertaken for future permit requirements. It will also assist with industry planning to determine permit and pesticide priorities.
The expected time frame to renew APVMA permits is around four months. Therefore the renewal process should commence at least four months before the permit expires to ensure a continuation of the permit availability.
The expected time frame for new permit applications or renewal applications that require data is approximately 10 months; therefore APVMA requires the permit applications and data be submitted at least 10 months before the use is required.
Information on Australian registered pesticides can be found at the APVMA website,, and information on Australian permit pesticides can be found at
Contact the APVMA or your local industry association to discuss any chemical requirements.

Table 1

Table 2