‘Permit Status Report’ update

The latest ‘Permit Status Report’ regarding pesticide minor-use permit for the cut flower and wildflower industries is now available.


The report contains:

  • A list of all current permits, when they expire and the permit holder.
  • A list of all current permits that will expire during 2016.
  • A list of data generation projects currently underway.
  • A list of outstanding data requirements associated with permits.
  • A list of permit applications with APVMA for assessment.
  • PREP.
  • Who we contact for permit information.
  • The nominated permit holder for your industry.
  • Pesticide registration and permit information.

This information will assist the cut flower industry and Wildflowers Australia to manage the permit process and ensure the necessary processes are undertaken for future permit requirements.

It will also assist you with the industry planning to determine permit and pesticide priorities.

CUT FLOWERS permit update 7.16