Cut Flowers Best Practice Guide

Enhancing the uptake of Sustainable Cut Flower Production through the adoption of Farm Management Systems:  Developiong FMS tools to help drive smart business management and encourage development and achievement of more sustainable and profitable cut flower growing practices.

The Cut Flowers Best Practice Guide has been produced to improve sustainable farm management and provide information, references and contacts for growers.  It is a guide to the farm practices and business operations necessary for cut flower production – these practices are not mandatory but rather options for enterprises to consider, depending on their specific circumstances.  The practices required will depend on the variety of flower, the production system used and the customers needs.  Practices described in this guide can me omitted, modified or added to in order to suit each customer-supplier arrangement.  Suppliers should discuss their requirements with their customers/markets and agree on practices that are practical and achievable.

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Florist Information Best Bunch program

Grower information Best Bunch program

Reference Guide and Self Assessment Tool

  • Cut Flowers Farm Management System Reference Guide
  • Cut Flowers Farm Management System On-farm Self-ssessment Tool

Cut Flowers Best Practice Guide contains the follwoing factsheets:-

  • Business Management
  • Climate Change
  • Common Pests, Diseases and Beneficial Insects
  • Communication
  • Energy Use
  • Farm Mapping
  • Glossary
  • Harvesting
  • Irrigation
  • Legal Requirements
  • Native Ecosystems
  • Nutrient Management
  • Pest and Disease
  • Planting
  • Post Harvest
  • Production Specifications
  • References
  • Soil In-ground
  • Soil Tests
  • Substrate Management
  • Waste
  • Workplace Health and Safety

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