Flowers Australia is launching a coordinated complaints campaign to bring attention to some of the behaviour of the less scrupulous online Order Gatherers. We are coordinating complainants to focus on one specific activity at a time so that the national and state departments that are responsible for regulating business behaviour have a focal point that, with sufficient numbers of complaints at the same time, will trigger action.

We are starting with misleading and dishonest claims of physical addresses that some OG’s list on their website including actual false addresses and the more common claims that they are located in suburbs or towns in which they are not.

We have provided a Coordinated Complaint Campaign template letter for you to use as the basis for your complaint which you can customise to address your specific situation and business. We have listed the contact details for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission plus all of the fair trading departments for each state across Australia so that you can find the one relevant to you.

Please download the Coordinated Complaint Campaign template letter and personalise it with your own business’ experience and submit the complaint online to the relevant authority in your location (listed below).


The main federal law, the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), ensures that trading is fair for your business and your customers. The CCA covers most aspects of the marketplace: dealings with suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, competitors and customers. It deals with unfair market practices, industry codes of practice, product safety, product labelling and price monitoring.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) administers the CCA nationally. Consumer protection is governed by state and territory laws (in the form of a Fair Trading Act in most cases). Contact your state or territory fair trading offices for advice on business rights and obligations under fair trading laws or to make a complaint. If you’re unsure how fair trading laws apply to your situation, think about seeking independent legal advice.


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

1300 302 502


Australian Capital Territory

Access Canberra

13 22 81


New South Wales

NSW Fair Trading

13 32 20


Northern Territory

Consumer Affairs

1800 019 319


South Australia

Consumer and Business Services

13 18 82



Office of Fair Trading

13 QGOV (13 74 68)



Consumer Building and Occupational Services

1300 654 499



Consumer Affairs Victoria

1300 55 81 81


Western Australia

Department of Commerce

1300 30 40 54