Imported Cut Flowers and Foliage – Position Statement

Flowers Australia (FA) has around 400 members throughout the cut flower and foliage supply chain across Australia. The organisation represents growers, wholesalers, florists and input suppliers as well as export and import businesses.

Flowers Australia acknowledges that imported cut flowers and foliage are an integral part of the Australian industry. FA believes that imports play a critical role in ensuring consistency of supply for key products, ensuring they are readily available for florists and consumers. This has traditionally been the case during peak giving times like Valentine’s Day and is now more prevalent throughout the entire year.

Flowers Australia acknowledges that the increase in imported product has negatively impacted some within the production industry and has substantially changed some sectors of the production industry. However, the international trade of products and services is a reality of the economy and indeed supports Australian producers to export their products.

The importation, sale and use of imported cut flowers and foliage is a business decision for the companies involved and not the business of the organisation to impact or impede. The only condition under which the association would become involved in this matter is when the risks to other businesses or the consumer’s experience is likely to be negative without its involvement.

Flowers Australia represents the industry (that is, its membership) on matters that relate to the importation of flowers solely on biosecurity and environmental matters. This includes lobbying for appropriate biosecurity measures to be in place and membership of bodies such as the National and State Biosecurity Roundtable and the Imported Cut Flower Conditions Review Committee.

Current import issue

The activity of the latter group has resulted in changes to the import conditions for imported product which has negatively impacted some importers. These changes are a result of government policy and have since been vindicated by the high interceptions of live insects on import consignments (85% of consignments in some cases). This high interception rate has introduced a level of uncertainty into the Australian cut flower import process, as the levels are unacceptably high with the government insisting they be reduced to more acceptable levels (i.e. less than 10% of consignments). This is an initiative that Flowers Australia supports and is endeavouring to work with the government and import companies to assist the industry in achieving.

Mother’s Day Promotional Campaign 2018Flowers Australia has partnered with Flowers Victoria and the Melbourne Markets to prepare promotional materials for florists to use this Mother’s Day. The fun, fresh and bright promotion urges everyone to treat their Mum this mothers and buy her a bunch of flowers. Utilising the #buyabunch hashtag the promotional materials are designed for florists to use on their social media as well providing the option for them to print posters for their shop and gift cards for their arrangements leading up to the day.


Facebook banners

Web banners

Mothers Day Shop Poster (Print version)

Mothers Day Poster (Self Print)

Mother’s Day Card V.1

Mother’s Day Card V.2


These media release templates are available for members to modify and release from their own business. Just:

  1. Download the template
  2. Update with your name, businesses name, contacts and add additions messages you’d like to convey
  3. Attach a high resolution photograph or two
  4. Send off to you local media
  5. Make sure you are available to answer enquiries, be interviewed or filmed.

Florist urges lovers to go local – Valentine’s Day 2018

9 February 2016 – Valentines Day Media 2016

The cut flower industry is ready to service the needs of Queensland’s romantics this Valentine’s Day but is concerned about slower sales because the day is falling on a weekend. The industry’s peak body, the Flower Association of Queensland, is getting the word out to its members and consumers to be prepared and get organised.
Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday in 2016 so the industry is anticipating a 15-30 percent drop in flower sales. In the past its members have experienced a downturn in sales whenever the day falls on a Saturday or Sunday. It is thought that this is because deliveries tend not to happen on a Sunday and consumers will need something on the day itself but also as a result of people being away from work and quite simply forgetting about it

8 October 2015 – Media release Communtiy Cabinet Premier Palaszczuk meets a great bunch of locals – The State Government Community Cabinet meeting in Bundaberg provided a great opportunity for local floral market and design business Petals and Print to present the Premier with a bunch of locally grown flowers.
The Community Cabinet meetings provide Queenslanders in regional areas the opportunity to access state government ministers. It provides a mechanism for the highest levels of government to listen to local businesses and families and to discuss issues that are important to the local community and economy.

April 2015 – Service Skills – Media Release – E-scan 2015 Customer Service and Digital Skills Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Australia’s Service Industries
Australia’s service industries are major contributors to our economic and social wellbeing, but they need to meet increased customer expectations and engage with technology to reach their full potential and remain competitive globally. 2015 Enviromental Scan Snapshot Floristry

January 2015 – Soils in the spotlight – Boasting more organisms in a teaspoon than there are people living on Earth is only one fascinating aspect of soil.  Many people are unaware of just how alive our soils are and how much they are regarded by scientists as the ‘dynamic skin’ of the planet Earth.

10 December 2014 – Cedar Hill Plantations announced as the winner of the 2014 AFI Magazine Award of Excellence for Cut Flower & Foliage Sustainable Production

8 December 2014 – Thrive Flowers & Events announced as the winner of the 2014 AFI Magazine Small Florist Business of the Year